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 From Russia with Love: Tau Update 8-17-13 
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10-2-12: Warseer

Stickmonkey wrote:
So I got a moment to go back and spend sometime with some old rumors. And I was able to get some updated information on where these rumors least in so far as my sources will comment... So let's have a look shall we?

This is what I had earlier this year:
There has been some speculation on this, and I'm getting chatter now that seems to reinforce a few things, so I thought I'd post what is floating my way.

Tau Codex early next year.

Source still have first part of next year as timeline, I'm going to speculate and put this Q2/Q3, a little later as it does seem to have a lot ahead of it.
Kroot and other existing allies are there, however they are limited. There appears to be an "Allies" supplement which will be out about the same time and include many more options. (aside: Dare I start a Spring of Allies moniker...ah well then it will end up being 2 years from now... )

My sources are telling me kroot are in fact still part of Tau, and have a new unit or two including a beastly transport. They may have more options in a later supplement.
I also checked into the demiurge rumors, and was told "There are no demiurge in the Tau codex."
Crisis suits completely redone.

My sources all said to expect new crisis suits. These are not the forgeworld style, but are much more elegant compared to the current models. I also have rumors that confirm there are multiple new suits in the codex, crisis being what we know, there is also a smaller suit similar to the stealth suit, but not as bulky designed for close combat, and the broadsides while the same relative size as a crisis suit have much more bulk to them and are a separate build/model. Finally, I do have sources telling me there is a bigger suit, which has been reported from others. Reports have it being a ranged beast(metaphorically, not literally) with 2 twin linked rail cannons and a missile option. So I'm sure it will become a target of choice in games
Stealth suits completely redone.

Sounds like the reason for the redesign was this new cc suit which will share a box with the new stealth suit.
Pirahna has new option and I am not sure if it will be reboxed together or be sold as an upgrade kit.

From out of left field is word the new piranha option is to transport a cc suit unit, this option replaces the drone pods on the sides... I am personally very skeptical of this rumor. I really don't see it happening, based on other conversations I've had I expect the Pirahna will remain unchanged at this point.
New Pathfinders were seen being worked on a while back.

There is a plastic kit in the works for pathfinders, however my sources don't think it will be part of the initial tau release.
Ethereals expanded, new unit options around them.

This is again from the left field world...supposedly the ethereals have a new race that they are using as a psychic conduit. This new unit option is similar to a psychic choir, and their effectiveness diminishes the smaller the unit gets. Sounds like a way to retcon psychic powers into tau...I would steer clear of this rumor for now, their might in fact be a new unit here, but the established tau no psykers fluff seems too strong to do this IMO. And barring some stronger confirmation, I think this one can be dismissed for now.
There is a FW Tau model which has a unit entry in the codex. (My take is this might actually be a new plastic kit taking over a FW model, and before anyone yells GW doesnt cannibalize FW...yes, they do, they have, and they will.)

Supposedly the remora drones will be in the codex. And will be flyers.
The floating chair ethereal was seen being worked on for a new model.

Sources say this was a designer test model and the existing model is still in the line.
New fast skimmer sized between hammerhead and pirahna.

Could be the cc transport Pirahna, none of my sources had anything on this now. It could also be the flyer.
Flyer has dual gattling cannons

Sources are all sticking by this on the flyer.
Flyer has option for rail guns

Sources say there is a rail gun option for the flyer.
Flyer has bombs (not missiles!?)

Sources say it has options for AA missiles or bombs, But can't take both.

Rule rumors (these are rumors people! I hate posting rule rumors cause I am not involved in that. Please take fwiw)
Railguns have a JOWW effect, they can hit multiple models in a line, but if hitting vehicles has a max number of hull points it can cause. the way this is described is it draws a line from the barrel to table edge, every model under starts taking hits starting with the closest. if it hits a vehicle or structure with HP, its strength drops, once it hits 3 or a table edge or fails to make a penetrating hit its done. rhino line's watch out!

Little more on this. Mostly confirmed this is the way of it, but that it does have a max distance. Some conflicting rumors that you roll for number of hull points it penetrates when fired, or it's fixed. And also conflicting sources saying if it penetrates it causes 2 hull points of damage vs 1.
There is some rumor of an Anti Psyker weapon. like night fighting, but no psychic powers for a game turn.

My sources had little on this other than the one which attributed this to the new ethereal unit.
There is no flyer dedicated transport, and the existing flyer is going to be competing against some very good other options

All sources confirmed. There isn't a dt flyer.
The jetpack troops have some option to "pop up and shoot" from cover.

no information on this from anyone. So I'm going to say this is probably not valid any longer.

I hope to have some additional bits to add a little later after some sleep.


10-4-12: Faeit 212

naftka wrote:
via Faeit 212 (A Must Remain Anonymous Source)
-Tau are coming early next year.
-Unit profiles are being finalized.
-The Tau are looking more and more like it will utilize and potentially modify the allies feature.
-unique fortifications.

-Just info on rules, no idea on models:
-HQ option to make crisis suits troops (not a special character, just an upgrade)
-crisis suits remain roughly the same but have a couple new weapon options.
-New 1-per-squad weapons
-new heavy support suit that has stats like a carnifex and no jet pack, just a big mech
-new elite suit that has a lot of sub 18" gun options, with a high rate of fire, or low AP. High toughness and -good armour save at a minor loss of mobility (think jump pack instead of jet pack)
-two flyers, one for AtA one for AtG (same basic fuselage)
-fire warriors are a little bit better and have more of a stormtrooper / commando feel, than a rank and file guardsman feel.

-oh and one of the other things right now, I was able to confirm that the current playtest is that firewarriors who do not move in the movement phase may immediately run after firing their pulse carbines in the shooting phase.

10-4-12: Warseer

stickmonkey wrote:
In August I said early next year, in the first post I said my sources are still saying early next year, but that my personal view is they it's probably q2/3. Listen, I don't know with any iron clad certainty when anything will hit, but I do look at the 2 months left in this year and then 6 months for the first half of next and add 1 and 1 to get 2.

If Hastings is right, and Harry is accurate, which those guys normally are, then we have 3 wfb army releases, a LOTR release or two, a wfb wave release, and 2 40k codexes that are all pretty much what I've heard...ALL before Tau or Eldar. That's 8 months and eight things pretty solidly rumored ahead of tau. My sources tell me early next year, I assume that's the first half of the year. But logic tells me not with the stack of items ahead of tau. So that's why I say q2/3. I figure the lot of you are reasonably smart and can deduce the same from all the other rumors out there, so I didn't feel a need to explain it in detail.

But I will put my stick in the sand.

Nov - rumored WoC model wave (Harry, somewhat confirmed by Hastings)
Nov/Dec - DA. ( me, Hastings, others, pretty much looks like it will be a rare codex release in Dec to me despite historical precedent, however if WoC is only a wave release maybe, just maybe they will be in Nov.)
Dec - Hobbit (LOTR, pretty much a shoe in based on the shareholders meeting)
Dec - bloodbowl ( I don't have anything on this, but there has been a lot of speculation and hinting of something else special and signs point to a BB set. My take - I think this will be GDUK2013 surprise release and we won't see it this year)
Jan - Daemons ( me, Harry somewhat, Hastings, all have Jan as a double dipping of wfb and 40k daemons following up on the August wd update)
Feb - WoC wfb (I think Harry, others, full army book for WoC)
Mar - LOTR ( I don't follow the LOTR dev much, but things I have heard lead me to believe there is a big release slotted either here or April)
April - 40k supplemental wave ( this is where the chatter I hear has a bunch of wave releases for 40k, could be the delayed 2nd wave of flyers, or possibly the ork wave I've heard of...)
May - wfb High Elves (Harry I think, others)

June - assuming I'm close with my above. Then the first slot Tau could occupy is June. I have nothing penciled in here.
July - 40k expansion book (allies? Terrain?) and supporting models (me. This should firm up in the spring for sure, but my info all points to a book expansion for 40k in July)
August on - your guess is as good as mine, but I expect a big box release with GDUK which I have pencilled in as Blood bowl as mentioned above. August is likely a fantasy release based on my info, could be Dwarves or more Men. And then my info points to another marine dex before year end and eldar...but logic seems to dictate two codexes between September and year end is unlikely...but so it w this year and most rumormongers are expecting a second codex before year end.


I am not one to go against Hastings, it's entirely plausible the April slot is tau and I have information wrong. However, my sources are pointing to this 40k supplement book expanding on allies somehow, and how better to promote that than a closely released Tau book, who fluff wise rely on allies heavily? It makes marketing sense, but I guess the argument is when has gw made sense?

Also, with regard to faeit's rumors update.

I can definitely see the supposed cc option being a close range hail of fire unit when it comes to tau. But my sources call it a cc variant, so that's what im reporting.

I heard a long time ago about tau, nid, ork, and eldar terrain being worked on, I can certainly see these coming with codex releases as fortifications. Xenos terrain is sorely missing, but the question is can they sell it? I think if it's army themed and in the codex they can.

librerian_samae wrote:
I can back up stick on the xenos terrain for what it's worth, it's been at least ready to be produced for 2ish years, about 2-3 gamesdays back Jez and phil when talking about dark eldar during their preview and were saying about webway kits etc being done and awesome.

At the time however all that was released was the small webway template, maybe they have kept all the xenos terrain back for a big release and/or gap in the release schedule.

shaso_iceborn wrote:
I know my sources are "unreliable" at best, but I have been told to watch/start watching for information in March. Of course they still talk about the Mako as well as the Copperhead for flier names. My sources still say June for the release (last year they told me in April to expect a June release they did not say 2013 though) I have also heard the Hammerhead will receive a Swordfish option turret and be one of the first 4-in 1 tank kit boxes with an extra sprue added as well as a price increase.

10-12-12: Warseer

stickmonkey wrote:
"Beastly Transport" ---> Unit Type="chariot"...Size=Flying oval

Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:10 am
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11-22-12: Warseer

75hastings69 wrote:
Anybody who might be interested in what tau models (or at least one of them) you can really expect next year might want to type "Fil Dunn tau" into a google image search ;)

verydarkshadow wrote:

shaso_iceborn wrote:
MajorWesJanson wrote:
So something like a Tau take on the Dreadknight?

Basically according to my sources it's pretty much a Dreadknight sized suit with dual (note not twin linked) rail cannons and SMS with a rule for something I will call "hail-fire" in that it shoots massive barrage of weapondry if not moving in the movement phase.

75hastings69 wrote:
Just to clear things up there IS something very similar to that image coming for tau.

Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:48 am
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More transformers... Why not I suppose ;)

Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:45 am
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11-27-12: Warseer

In regards to the big Tau Suite

shaso_iceborn wrote:
Hey guys I was just informed from one of my sources that I got the S and T backwards.

So it should be

WS2, BS4, S5, T6, W4, I2, A2, Ld8, Sv2+4++

11-28-12: BOLS

Larry Vela wrote:
via Stickmonkey

Tau UBER-suit

Dual (not linked) Rail Cannons
Missile Launcher
Many upgrade options including Stealth

BONUS Tasty Morsel:
Markerlights gain the ability to grant Skyfire.

It's a Walker! It's a MC! :lol:

1-10-13: Warseer

Harry wrote:
Iybban wrote:
Also no fishmen or squats in may!

Says you 8-) .

2-3-13: BOLS

Larry Vela wrote:
via Stickmonkey

Caveat: Many of these are said to be "in process". Don't look for *exact match* rules to survive to the printed codex.

Crisis Suits: Look for more posable new models. Unit keeps its high level of customization, with several upgrades to stat lines possible. New flakk missile pods. New combi-kit includes Broadside parts.

Stealth Suits: Models unchanged. Have stealth, (obviously), plus optional drone granting shrouding.

Sky Ray: Last edition's trainwreck gets a new lease on life. Flakk missiles, plus has orbital bombardment (much like SM version, but with a lingering effect).

Fire Warriors: Same nasty gun. Still BS:3, but with a Shas'O can upgrade unit to BS:4.

Drones: Any drone can be used for Look Out Sir rolls for any model in the unit they are attached to.

Markerlights: A single hit increases BS of all other units targeting the victim by +1. Multiple markerlights have no additional effects. OUCH - look out for possible BS:5, Fire Warrior volleys now! Markerlights improve snapfire against marked flyers to 5+ instead of 6, but must first hit the flyer with a 6 themselves.

Networked Markerlights: A longer range twin linked version. Vehicles only.

2-3-13: Faeit 212

naftka wrote:
via the Faeit 212 inbox
I have been seeing a lot of play testing for the tau empire and have seen some new models as well. They look so new and epic it makes me really excited. Now I did my hands on some rules and names for units, If you are to pass these on then PLEASE send it to only reliable rumour sites.

I will start with the new sky ray orbital blast ability. From what I can remember on top of my head is that the sky ray has to forgo his full turn of shooting for a single unlimited range blast that is:

strength X AP 3 (wound on 2+,plasma corrosion, blast)
plasma corrosion - any enemy model hit under the blast rolls a d6 every turn for the remainder of the game on a roll of 1-3 the unit or model suffers d6 strength 4 AP5 hits. On a roll of 4-5 the unit suffers 2d6 strength 5 AP 4 hits. On a roll of a 6 the unit is hit with 2d6 strength 6 AP 2 hits with the blind special rule. (these are test rules and subject to change)

Tau fire warriors will have the OPTION to upgrade their tau fire warriors to bs 4 (I put option in bold to show it is an option for all those fluffy players)
I believe the upgrade at the moment is being called 'advance training'

battle suits are getting/got new models but have the same profile as now with the inclusion of an option to make them toughness 5 (cost or name is unknown)

The kroot is getting a HUGE monster that looks like something from fantasy. It has kroot riding it but is under going constant rule changes due to either dying to quickly or for lack of usage. From what I remember seeing it has 5 wounds but only a 5+ save and was over priced IMO.

kroot gain furious charge and move through cover and start with a 6+ save that can be upgraded to 5+ with shaper for an additional 2pts per model (making them 8pts per model) - remember this could change!

finally their is options to make all your battle suits have 2+ saves for 20pts per model - all war gear that is in the current codex has been reduced slightly.

the tau dread knight walker rumours you have read are 100% TRUE - I have seen the concept art/profile and from the top of my memory it is something like this.

4 4 6 8 4 2 4 8 2+/4+

I will not share rules because they were on the next page of document of which I did not see. I did see the points which were : 210pts

note the points were highlighted in red marker which means they are subject to change at next play testing.

2-4-13: Faeit 212

naftka wrote:
via the Faeit 212 inbox
War gear:
Gatling ion blaster: 30'' S:6 AP:3 Assault:3
plasma storm blaster: 40'' S:9 AP:1 Assault:1 (lance,system failure,implosion)

lance: rulebook

system failure: If you score a glancing or a penetrating hit on a roll of a 6 you cause a system failure in the enemy tank/flyer. The tank/flyer cannot move or shoot for the remainder of the turn. The tank/flyer controlling player must roll a d6 every turn for the remainder of the game, on a roll of 1 the tank/flyer has a system failure again and may not shoot or move again.

implosion: if you score a explosion on a tank/flyer then it explodes 2d6 inches instead of the normal d6.

The new big kroot model is actually the krootox giant, from what I have been told fluff points to the tau making the krootox genetics being advance and in doing this increasing the size, strength and toughness.

the krootox giant has the following rules and stats - these I believe will change as we have had much discussions upon this unit and cannot be certain if it is powerful enough for a competitive environment.

Krootox Giant: WS BS S T W I A LD SV
6 3 8 6 4 1 5 7 4+

Special rules: Smash, monstrous creature, rage,mental without control, move through cover,fleet

mental without control: If your krootox giant loses his krootox rider then the Giant must pass a leadership test every turn otherwise will attack the closest enemy unit. If the Giant cannot reach a target then it misses it next turn while it cools down.

this unit at the moment costs : 200pts & can upgrade it's armour save to 3+ with a piece of war gear from the kroot armoury

2-5-13: BOLS

Larry Vela wrote:
via Stickmonkey

Caveat: Many of these are said to be "in process". Don't look for *exact match* rules to survive to the printed codex.


Ethereals: These now grant army wide special rules and bubble rules, but there are different options. They function roughly much like those recent Dark Angels banners. So one option might be army wide Ld rerolls while in play, plus units in 12" are fearless. Another option might be one unit in army gets salvo once per turn, and all units in 12" get rerolls to hit.

Kroot: Everyone's favorite birdmen get Scout, Furious Charge, Move thru Cover. Kroot Hounds and Kroot hawks! Shaper can unlock additional unit upgrades.

"Sneaky Kroot": Look for an ELITES Kroot unit that can hide in terrain like Ymgarl Genestealers.

Knarloc: The new big beasty model, very similar to the Forgeworld Great Knarloc (see below). Monstrous Creature, with a trample attack allowing it to run 3d6" and cause 2d6 S6 AP6 wounds to any unit it crosses. It may additionally use this special move to charge a unit, gains +2A and the assault-grenades ability when charging in this manner.

Vespid: The maligned bug men are redeemed! Big improvements, weapon range increase, point reduction, hit and run.

Vespid Flyer: Smallest flyer in game, like a jetbike, single blaster as weapon, vector-dancer

Fortifications: Deep striking turrets as fortification options. Burst cannons or missile pods options.

Tau Flyer Transport: 13 13 12 armor, holds a full Fire Warrior or Crisis Suit squad, or single Uber-suit. Not a lot of weapons, but HP:3, and has a save from wargear that can be taken. Deep strike. Rules-wise is focused on getting units reliably to a location.

The Uber-suit: So many options currently it's hard to keep them straight. It's a mobile weapon platform, with rail guns as it's main weapon system, - which can be upgraded to a plasma weapon system or ion cannons. Classified as monstrous creature. 2+/4++ save. It can forgo shooting and movement to gain 2++ save. The Uber can move as jump infantry if it does not shoot it's main weapons. VERY HIGH toughness, no existing weapon can instant death it. Although it can smash if it has to, it is not designed as a close combat unit at all. Cost is comparable to a Terminator squad. It can take drone support.

Odds and Ends

FOC: Some specific HQs move Crisis Suits to troops. One moves two Kroot units to troops.

Psykers-defense: All Tau have some base immunity to psychic powers, and thus any Tau unit can deny the witch, with the suits gaining an improvement to this roll.

2-5-13: Faeit 212

naftka wrote:
This email came in yesterday regarding the rumors of a Giant Krootox Giant and Firewarriors moving up in the world to BS4.

I want to say that this bit comes from a very much in the know source, who occasionally helps us filter through some of the rumors. The last few days we have had 4 sets of Tau rumors, and this email is in response to this one, and clarifying other rumors that are putting Firewarriors at BS4.

2-4-13 Faeit Inbox wrote:
the krootox giant has the following rules and stats - these I believe will change as we have had much discussions upon this unit and cannot be certain if it is powerful enough for a competitive environment.
Krootox Giant: WS BS S T W I A LD SV 6 3 8 6 4 1 5 7 4+
Special rules: Smash, monstrous creature, rage,mental without control, move through cover,fleet
mental without control: If your krootox giant loses his krootox rider then the Giant must pass a leadership test every turn otherwise will attack the closest enemy unit. If the Giant cannot reach a target then it misses it next turn while it cools down.

via the Faeit 212 inbox (has to remain anonymous)
I've never seen those kroot giant rules before (currently named the Krootonne).

There is a new large kroot model, but it's nothing like what's written, doesn't have a rider and doesn't have guns.

Fire warriors can't be upgraded to bs4, the squad leader has an upgrade that raises their BS though for (currently) 50 points and goes away if he dies.

I have like three versions of the rules, but I think some people are wish listing after getting hint of some stuff that's leaked.

BOLS 2-5-13:

Stickmonkey wrote:

So, to give more info for the masses.

The information I recently provided BigRed comes from a late 2012 playtest, I believe Oct or Nov timeframe.

The psychic defense boost I mentioned was described as Tau are just harder to target with warp powers, they have very little presence in the warp. I asked my source more on this, and he said during playtest all Tau got a DtW reroll. Tau in Suits got a 5+ DtW.

The Kroot monster is very cool looking, but I fear rules wise its going to suffer from Pyrovore syndrome. Its expensive, and shortlived. A beast in CC, but it's hard to get it there. Roughly the size of a Maulerfiend, its like a hybrid between the Krootox and the Great Knarloc. Beaked head. 4legged. Over muscled. Kinda apelike pose and body structure.

The "uber-suit" is NOT at all like a wraithlord. It is not suited for CC, and really cant be outfitted for that role. Last I saw the T was only 7, but others are saying it is T8. I was talking about it with my source earlier and he made mention of the plasma weapon having ignore cover and thinking it will be the load out of choice. He felt that it was very balanced points to capability wise for its role in the codex. Visual wise it is definitely in line with the battle suit. Reminds me a lot of the old BattleTech line merged with Tau aesthetic.

I don't think the Vespid Scooter made the cut. It was in a number of early drafts, kind of like the genosian fighters in Star Wars. Yes, flying creatures with a flying vehicle... Named after a famous motorized bike.... 80s GW may have done this, not 10s.

Hope this helps.


Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:51 am
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2-26-13: Warseer

tastyfish wrote:
Another bit of Tau news, though again FW rather than codex - FW are also goignto be re-releasing the Tau FAQ with a few tweaks and clarifications. Thanks to Dr Tau we have this, which is quite a boost to the sensor towers (who grant rerolls to hit to units within 6").


2-28-13: Warseer

75hastings69 wrote:
Archibald_TK wrote:
Finally, out of courtesy, GW tell us from time to time to stop stocking a specific Codex/AB when a new release is imminent. That's not automatic as as I was saying it is out of courtesy (for example I was told for the WoC but was also told absolutely nothing about CD), and I'm supposed to keep quiet about what that book it is, but I can give you one hint, in January I was told to no longer bother with a Codex and it's not Tyranids.

Oh, I wonder if it might be Tau...... like I posted last July!

3-3-13: Warseer
75hastings69 wrote:
ac4155 wrote:
I hope we do see Tau soon, with some more different races.
Not from my understanding of the releases.

shaso_iceborn wrote:
There will be no new races (no Demiurge after all). Kroot will be expanded, New Vespid were play-tested I am awaiting confirmation as to whether or not they made into final print.

There are multiple fliers and and new units.

This post is intentionally vague until I can gain confirmation of units.

3-7-13: Faeit 212

naftka wrote:
via an Anonmyous Source from the Faeit 212 inbox
None of the Forgeworld suits will be in the new Tau codex.

There are two new suits, however and the crisis and broadsides are both being redone and are very distinct from one another.

The hazard suits will remain as a Forgeworld supplement and are even referenced in the fluff in a few places. They're just non-standard issue and still considered in prototype for various reasons.

The Kroot hq replaces the 1+ requirement on fire warriors with a Kroot unit.

And the book is finished. Has been for a while.

3-11-13: Warseer

superawesomeraptorman wrote:
Heard a couple of things through the grapevine. They COULD be complete tosh, they could be awesome insights. I'd say the usual dosage of salt.


- New firewarrior leader - can give certain squads special abilities
- Ethereal have auras - apparently they are ok, nothing to write home about
- no honor guard
- New tank commander special character - has preferred enemy imperial guard (?), use on a hammerhead apparently (best tank to use)
- no HQ alters FOC apparently


- Crisis suits no new sprue, getting repackaged into 3. This seems to contradict people hearing about a new recut - apparently commanders sprue (special issue weapons) will sneak in here?
- no stealth on stealth suits, will have something to make them harder to shoot still (maybe?)

- fire warriors 9 points - no idea about new upgrades etc
- kroot lose one point of strength (really that sounds lame)

- Pathfinders don't take devilfish anymore
- piranhas are cheaper, but not much different
- flyers go here - apparently one is anti air. Not really much news, but apparently dual kit but neither version amazing (more like a dark angels rather than necron flyer kit)

Heavy Support
- Submuntions purchased for hammerheads
- Broadside have strength 8 rail guns -_- BUT can buy skyfire (expensive) but cannot buy A.S.S
- Giant new walker here - pretty tough to kill, apparently his weapons are interesting. I wanted more details, couldn't get them

New abilities
- Single squad gets charged - every unit within 6" can overwatch into the charging squad
- Squad ability from commander (can't remember which one). If unit does not move AT ALL (no relentless, S&P tricks) every model gets extra shot. I got the impression that you can't use jet pack move with this either
- Two marker light hits = NO cover at all (not a marker light hit per -1 cover). Usual BS upgrade
- Seeker missiles can skyfire
- Multi-trackers come standard on crisis suits (or free? dunno which)

General Stuff
- Haven't heard anything about new kroot or vespid stuff
- Haven't heard anything about ANY new race, but wasn't exactly told no new race as opposed to nothing was mentioned

Honestly all I can remember, it might fly in the face of everything we know, and a plastic kit seems to be missing (fire warrior HQ, Flyer, Big Suit plus something?)

Again might be true might not, ce le vi.

naftka wrote:
Faeit 212 Comment Section
via groffus in the comment section of Faeit 212 March 7, 2013 at 6:35 AM
The owner of my local store told me yesterday that he was unable to get a copy of the current Tau codex to put on display. When he pushed he was told that he could not get one because there was none any more, he should wait until next month to order one that there should be plenty then.


Today's Developments
Updated with Correction (Thank you Shaso_iceborn)

via shaso_iceborn in the comment sections here on Faeit 212
March 7, 2013 at 2:58 PM
Reposting to avoid confusion, Tau will be released in April alongside a new Farsight model and new Kroot HQ.

March 7, 2013 at 10:57 AM
Are you guys ready for April and the lightened wallet the new Tau codex brings? 2 New Fliers, 2 new Suit options, a Uber-suit, New kroot HQ option, lots of new kits and better rules and options. Us Tau are about to finally get RETRIBUTION!!!! Sorry imperial players but I will be "lighting" you up here very soon.

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Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:26 am
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Farsight has vanished from the US online store... looks like they finally caught the poor bastard...

Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:47 am
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Much like Barbarossa and the Dread Pirate Roberts, Commander Farsight cannot be caught. No prison can hold an idea and they live forever.

Viva Zapata! Viva Farsight! Viva Anghkor! Viva the Kroot Revolution!

El Scorpio ez ready!


Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:51 am
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3-11-13: Warseer

Neko wrote:
Right, just gotten off of the comlink to my contact in the icy north. Let's see now...
The codex is by Vetock.
The Ubersuit will not be competing for your Heavy slots.
Ion weapons will be overloadable.
Units will be able to overwatch to defend nearby comrades.
A new item of support gear will grant skyfire.
The new models are absolutely fabulous, much to the dismay of my future bank balance.


the Dude wrote:
I've heard Riptide for the Ubersuit, but give that some salt

I'll confirm this much


Tastyfish wrote:
Could you at least say whether they've changed the look of the Crisis suits?

There is a new XV8 varient, but mostly they're the same.

the Dude wrote:
I've heard no big Kroot beast, which makes sense if the Ubersuit is a Monstrous Creature.

Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:54 am
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3-12-13: Warseer

Neko wrote:
I've not been told anything about our alien allies.
I have just been told that the new interesting tidbits with regards to the Broadsides however:
- The railguns are now different from the vehicle mounted version. Think of these as light railguns.
- The Broadsides now have sniper style pose.
- Broadsides are to cost the same amount as their Forgeworld counterparts

neko wrote:
voss wrote:
They're already different from vehicle mounted railguns.

They currently have less ammo choice (as in they don't have an ammo choice). The new Broadside weapon is a different weapon.

superawesomeraptorman wrote:
Apparently smart missile become twin linked, and pulse carbines become two shots.

the dude wrote:
Calcabrina wrote:
Any word on the Kroot HQ/other kroot choices on the FOC?

I've heard no to both. To be clear:

No new Kroot units/creatures.

No Kroot HQ unit.

Neko wrote:
I believe the anti-air drones are carried by one of the aircraft.


tastyfish wrote:
As a payload like the Tigershark, or as turrets like the Barracuda?

An airbourne equivilent to the Devilfish is my understanding.

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Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:52 am
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Codex has vanished! Tau must be inbound

I have a lot of faith in tau that they will supply us with some real surface to air fire

Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:51 pm
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